Friday, June 6, 2014

Nebraska house, first step in the fix-up

We closed on Tuesday for our new (to us) house in Nebraska.  Here are some "before" pictures from when we first saw the house. I am really good at looking past ugly paint and decorating. The first step is painting these rooms.

The most torturous part is getting rid of these stenciled (spackled and three dimensional) decorations that were on both sides of the arch.

The power didn't get turned on until pretty late in the day, so we starting chipping it off with a putty knife and a hammer.

Once we got power, we moved on to the sander.

Here is the "before" picture. 

"After".  This is just primed with Kilz primer, we still need to pick a paint color, and paint it all.  Next week we are getting the floors refinished, so we won't be able to finish painting until we move in.

 Another before photo, after sanding the stenciled decorations.



We drove back to Colorado after three days of work, so I took a picture of the Colorado sunset on the way home.  There won't be many more mountain views for us, it's only two weeks until we move.


  1. I think you and Allen are going to have a busy summer...but oh what fun redecorating and making this home in the style you want. Hope you can actually put some of your mixed media art projects in your house. It looks like you have some blank walls. Please continue to post lots of images on your blog since I won't be able to visit anytime soon. LOL Mom

  2. I am so excited how much wall space there is for art. A lot of my stuff is currently just stacked in the studio, and now it will be out and on display.