Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bathroom in the new house

I never posted a picture of the large first floor bathroom.  It is a huge room, but looks small since it's so dark.  The last people that decorated loved their textured wallpaper.  It is in many rooms (and on many ceilings).  The real estate agent thought it was to disguise the cracks and variances in the plaster walls, but I think they just liked the look.  The major drag is they would wallpaper before putting up the trim (wainscoting, and base and crown molding), so I have to cut the wallpaper adjacent to the trim with an Xacto knife before removing it.

Who doesn't want peacock light fixtures (aside from me)? I plan to have the tub turned 90 degrees so I can wall mount a hook for the shower sprayer, as well as provide more space next to the toilet.  I don't know why these are so cramped in such a large room.  This is going to be a a bit of a big job, because the flooring needs to be changed out as well. It is currently linoleum with nasty permanent stains. I think we will go with those large rectangular tiles that are popular now.  We will have to move all the fixtures out (including the heavy claw foot tub), get the floors done, then move them back in.  The pedestal sink is very wobbly so we will change that to a cabinet as well. Once the tub is moved, this will be a much more functional space. Right now, the only "normal" shower is the one in the basement.

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