Monday, June 16, 2014

Field trip to downtown Denver and the Botanical Gardens

Sunday I met Melanie to walk around downtown to take some photos. I was hoping to photograph some cool architectural details, but did not see a lot in the area we went to.

Here is Union Station. It is being renovated so we couldn't wander inside.

16th Street Mall.

Larimer Square

We did find this building with some cool details.

And this classic car.
And the bar bike.

Afterwards, we met up with Susan,Sabyl, and Gayla for dinner at Pasquini's. They were out of Eggplant Parmesan and it was only 5:00, I was very sad. I got some awesome artwork from Susan and Sabyl. I would share it here but it is already packed for our move on Friday.

I am going to miss you guys! If you want to skype our monthly art group, I am all for it!

After dinner, Melanie and I went to the Denver Botanical Gardens to see the new Chiluly exhibit. Some of it was similar to what I saw in Scottsdale a couple months ago, but there were new pieces as well.

And you can't go to the gardens without taking some flower pictures.

It didn't get really dark until it was closing time at 9:00.  It was a fun but tiring day. At least I walked off my Italian dinner.

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