Thursday, March 6, 2014

Updating the color on a whole cloth quilt

I had made this whole cloth quilt two or three years ago.  They are supposed to be "layered" houses but the color is too uniform.  I did not include any perspective (the houses in the back should be smaller) because I want it to look like a pattern as well.

I used Elmer's washable gel glue to create resist lines, and colored the houses different colors with thickened dyes.  The problem is, I did this on a previously snow dyed piece of fabric, so the color looked very uniform and the division lines didn't stand out.   I painted the roof lines, and window and door frames with Tsukineko white ink.  The whole thing still looks flat and blah. I thought adding different patterns and textures to the houses with the white ink would help, but it didn't really do much.

I pulled out my Setacolor transparent paints and have started adding more color to the houses.  I still have some more color to add.  I am thinking I'd paint all the doors and windows the same color, and use markers and pens to add more details to the trim and roof lines. It's definitely an improvement.

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