Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CO Mixed Media Club, March meeting - polymer clay tiles and collage

This month, our project (lead by Susan) was making and incorporating polymer clay tiles into collage.

I have a love/hate relationship with polymer clay. I like the results but just find it too time consuming to bother with (the conditioning, rolling, forming, baking, and sometimes sanding is just too much).

But here I am happily smushing my rubber stamps into clay.

This is the one I was smushing. I cut it into a couple different rectangular tiles.

Here is the gang working hard. Laurie, Sidran, and Susan.

And Trish and Enid.

Here you can see the start of Enid's piece with painted sea and sky. I wish I took a picture with the cool boat she was planning to collage onto it.
The green tiles are Enid's, for her ocean themed collage.  The hands and black tile are mine.

 Here are some of my black tiles with gold Rub-n-Buff, and one with turquoise patina.

Here is Sidran's collage in progress, with polymer clay face.

Here is a collage of Trish's.

 Trish's second collage with polymer clay tile (center bottom).

Susan's tree, with polymer clay faces and star.

A collage in progress by Laurie.

Laurie's collage, I think the 3D pieces are wood. I know Laurie did some polymer clay pieces, but don't have pictures of them.

I didn't get around to the collage part, I just played with clay all day! I made some cute little houses, but didn't take pictures of them.  A fun clay play day!


  1. I love the top photo of the stamp you were using! I haven't had my clay out for a while, I usually make a heap of stuff at once to justify the mess!

    1. That is my favorite stamp for polymer clay!