Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Patchwork fabric backgrounds

The other day I posted my Coral art quilt but did not have pictures of the background patchwork before I attached the "coral".

I had made quite a few background pieces, while I had all these turquoise blue fabrics out, so I thought I'd show these before I added more to them.  All of these will either be cut to 16" x 20" and mounted to canvas, or will be wrapped around (a smaller) canvas. The fabrics were attached to a heavyweight muslin with a straight stitch around the edges.

I really like the coral print on this one and plan to do some hand stitching around it. 

This one is going to have a felted wool tree trunk and branches appliqued onto it.

I plan to add goldfish on this one, so it looks like a pond. The color looked a little blah since it was so solid, and the fish will be roughly the same value. I decided to add some paint to make it darker around the edges.

I used Setacolor transparent paints in sky blue and ultramarine, leaving the center area the original color. The two tan pieces are upholstery fabric and must have some kind of Scotchgard on them, as they resisted the paint.  I don't think it looks bad, but if it bothers me later, I will add some thicker opaque paint on top.

I really like the painted piece and am thinking of painting the background for the tree piece as well.


  1. Those are my fav colors! Very pretty. Did you see the latest issue somerset? Your circus theme.

  2. I haven't seen it, I didn't renew my subscription this year. I think Susan may have it at the studio, if so, I will check it out Sunday. I meant to submit something to Somerset for their circus theme but didn't think my scary clown would get in and didn't finish the piece I wanted to submit!

  3. My scary clown is in a prominent place in my studio and it is really starting to creep me out!