Sunday, November 10, 2013

CO Mixed Media Club meeting, Collage a la Claudine Hellmuth

Yesterday for our CO Mixed Media Club, we did collages Claudine Hellmuth style.
Here is my young lady. The background is a monoprint from a previous meeting. Her shirt is embossed paper that I dry brushed with white paint, then overpainted with Quin Magenta. I would like to add a saying or some ephemera to this.

I didn't mean for my circus themed one to be scary, but it kind of is.  I used Claudine's peeling paint technique for the red paint. 

I plan to add these colored balls around the edge, so maybe that will make it more festive.

Trish working on her collage.

 She added printed papers for her skirt and top. I love the wings.

 Laurie worked on multiple pieces. She started with a Thanksgiving theme.

Then started this one with a vintage lady.

Here Enid is working on her background.
 And Enid's fun fish collage.

 Simone was working on quite a few pieces.

 She hasn't pasted down the elements on this one, but I like the way some of the crowd seems to be looking at the fashionable woman.

It was a really fun day!

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