Monday, November 4, 2013

Shibori with transparent Setacolor paints

This weekend was in the 60's and I took the opportunity to do some shibori with Setacolor paints.

Here is my set-up. Paints on the left. PVC pipes to wrap the fabric, and a bunch of fabric.

I rolled the fabric around the pipe, not too tight since I need to manipulate it.

I twist and scrunch the fabric. When the whole fabric is scrunched, I try to scrunch it some more, as tight as possible. I use rubber bands on both ends.

Since I am not putting these in a dye bath, I can put fabric on both ends of the pipes. I did half the fabrics dry, and half of the fabrics wet (but wrung out before rolling onto the pipes).

This was a previously dyed piece of silk. I used a large plastic container lid to catch the excess paint and just poured the paints onto the fabric.

Here they are drying. I used a wrought iron end table set on it's side as a drying rack. Since these are sun print paints, I can't lay them flat or else the fabric laying on the ground will be a different color than the rest. (Yes, the table got paint all over it but I bought it at a thrift store for almost nothing years ago and a little paint won't hurt it.)

Here are the results:

Dry cotton type fabric, ironed. I think this looks like an explosion of McDonald's ketchup and mustard packets.

Dry Silk fabric, ironed, the paint is a bit blotchy.

Dry cotton type fabric, ironed, love this one!

This was the pre-dyed silk, not ironed, rolled wet
 Wet cotton type fabric, not ironed
 Dry cotton type fabric, ironed
 Wet cotton type fabric, not ironed

I definitely got more texture on the fabrics that were dry.  The green cotton one is super awesome. I only got around to ironing some of them.  I did get paint all over my PVC pipes. Since I use these for dyeing as well, I cleaned them up with Soft Scrub and the green rough side of a sponge. They cleaned up well except the jagged ends.

I think it may be time to put the Setacolor paints away, since winter is coming. Plus, I need to start making things with all this fabric!

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