Monday, November 11, 2013

Carnival collage/assemblage

I finished my Carnival assemblage/collage. I submitted it to a show yesterday and just took a quick picture before putting it into my car.  I had to crop the picture since the background behind it was a mess, but there are pieces that stick out past the edge of the canvas. This picture doesn't really do it justice. I will take a better picture when it's hanging in the show, or at home if it doesn't get in.

This piece is 24" x 24", excluding the parts that stick out.

The theme for the show is "Square" so I thought I would submit some other pieces as well.  Here is the bird assemblage completed, that I had shown a progress photo the other day.  This piece is 12" x 12". This piece is the second in a series, the first one is here.

This is a piece from last year. My husband and I had taken a field painting class.  I really enjoyed the fabric layers and then painting over them. I plan to do some work similar to this in the next few months. I think this piece is 18" x 18".  The work was originally on raw canvas, but I glued the finished piece to a painted canvas using gel medium.

I will post if any of these get in the show.

Next up, I need to finish some handmade gifts for my family for Thanksmas (Christmas celebrated during the Thanksgiving holiday).


  1. Hi I am looking for the artist of a painting I recently acquired of a very large old ship and was wondering if you might be the artist behind it?

  2. Morgan, I haven't done any work that includes a ship or boat. Hope you have luck finding the artist!

  3. i LOVE your carnival painting. The paper showing through is great. Those tops have great shape. WoW. You are onto a circus theme with your claudine piece. Thanks for showing us the paint peeling. I want to try that next.

  4. Thanks Ackart! I have another circus theme piece I started years ago that I hope to finish as well.