Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Using Liquitex acrylic spray paint to alter a canvas color

I while back, I did this post that included a large painted canvas project that I was going to attach oval fabric shapes to. When I showed it to my husband he said it looked like waterlilies. That made me sad as that was not my intent.   But I did see where he was coming from.  So I embraced the idea, but the background color needed some help.  I removed the oval fabric pieces I had pinned to it, and thought this would be a great opportunity to try out some Liquitex acrylic spray paints I had bought.

Here are the colors I used, titanium white, brilliant blue, and brilliant purple.

 I worked outside as they are an aerosol paint and do give off a smell and particles. Here is my piece pinned to a big styrofoam board with painters plastic over it.  I had sewn pieces of fabric and lace to the canvas, then had painted over it (no gesso) a few months back. In person, the color looked like a muddy mottled greenish color. (It just looked wimpy and lifeless to me).

I sprayed water on the canvas, then started spraying the paint.  It was quick and easy and if I didn't like something I just sprayed over it with another color. The white was a little chalky and left little mist drops too, so I did not leave much white. I think they make a translucent white paint, so I may pick some up sometime to try out.

Here you can see some of the interesting color changes. Because of the sprayed-on water (and I did spray additional water on during the process) there are some drips that I think are great!  This whole painting session took all of 10 minutes. If I had mixed and brushed on paint, it would have probably taken an hour at least.

Instead of equally spaced out fabric ovals that I had originally planned, I will be adding semi-realistic water lilies instead. Right now I am planning on using some dyed silks for this.

I did try this paint on some other fabric pieces, but was not too happy with the look of them.  I will stick to canvas or paper in the future. I am excited to try this paint with stencils as I have seen other people's work with them and it looks great.  I don't want to wear a big respirator mask so I will have to wait until I can work outside again. It may be at least a week as we currently have about 12" of snow.

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