Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Glueing wool sweater sleeves together

Back in December, I tried to layer multiple wool sweater sleeves and felt them together. The post can be seen here. It did not work well at all so I decided I would try gluing them together. I experimented with different types of glue, posted here.

Many months later, I am trying it on my sweater sleeves. I used Omni-gel which I watered down (I aimed for 50/50 but just eye balled it). I just used my hand to mix them together.

Here are my layered sweater sleeves from my attempt to wet felt them together. I am using this styrofoam cone as my base, which I wrapped with freezer paper (shiny side facing out). I did run my sweater arm assembly through a soak/spin cycle in the wash machine so they would be damp.

I took the sweater arm assembly apart and laid them on my workstation in the order they would be assembled. I did remove two of the original layers as I started running out of glue. There are still at least eight layers, I forgot to count. I put on the first sleeve over the cone, and spread glue on. I put another sleeve on, another layer of glue. I did not wear gloves for this as I don't mind getting a little messy, and am one of those people that enjoy peeling glue.  (I think this come from my childhood, my sister and I would pour Elmer's on wax paper, and when it was dry we would peel it up and cut them to look like fake finger nails.)  This was not a bright idea as the Omni-Gel does not peel off like Elmer's or gel medium. It did not want to come off at all, even with soap and water. It ended up flaking off but took about two days to get rid of all of it.  I hope this bodes well that it will hold my sweater sleeves together.

Here it is drying. I did this assembly process about a week and a half ago. The top part seems dry, but the bottom was not.  I set it on it's side, and will probably wait another two weeks to make sure it is really dry. In Colorado, things dry pretty fast. I want to cut the arm assembly into rings (like tree rings), so I want to make sure it is completely dry before I try cutting it.

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