Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunprinting, another layer

I am trying to finish up items for the Denver Modernism show that is this weekend at the Western Stock Show complex. I hope to post some pictures tomorrow of my artwork and vintage finds that I will have at our booth.

In the meantime, a week or two ago, I showed some sun printing with transparent Setacolor paints. The red one did not turn out so great. The circles I used as stencils did not do much and the paint just looked like a mess. Here's a close-up. I decided to do another layer and see if I could improve it.

Instead of going the safe route using similar colors, I felt like it needed some contrast.  I put purples, blues, and reds. It still looked like a mess, but I stick it out and hope it will improve. I put some pieces from my shrubs as my items to sun print.


Here is my resulting fabric.  I think it's better than when it was red, but I do not think as a whole it is looks very good. But there are large chunks that are very nice so I will be cutting it into pieces when it gets used.

By the way, I did not indiscriminately hack away at my plants in order to do sun printing, they needed a trim. And the grape vines from the previous sun printing post grow over my fence from my neighbors yard, so I am always trimming those back anyway.

I hope to do another round of sun printing next week as the pod tree and cherry tree in the front yard need a serious trim so why not put them to good use. I bought some spray bottles so I am going to use them to apply the paint instead of brushing it on.

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