Sunday, August 12, 2012

Second Saturday club

The second Saturday of the month is what I call Art Club.  A group of fellow artists get together at my friends' (Susan and Sabyl's) studio for a 3 hour mini-workshop. Sometimes it is a project, usually it is a technique.

This month we tried our hand at 5 and 10 minute collages on 3" x 5" substrate (we used watercolor paper). The idea is to work intuitively and not think too hard in making decisions to make the collage. Afterwards, we started working on larger 6" x 6" substrates using what we learned from the fast exercises to create a larger piece (but with more time and therefore more thought).

 Attached are photos of the artists and their work.

 Here is Joannie working on her 6" x 6" and her small pieces:


Here is Sue working on her 6" x 6" and a picture of her smaller works:

Here are Sue C's smaller pieces, she was packing up and I didn't get a picture of her at work:

Here is Diane at work on her 6" x 6". I don't have a photo of her smaller pieces.

Here is Sidran and her smaller pieces:

 Here is Laurie, her small works and her 6" x 6":

Here are mine ( I cheated and did 4" x 6"):

Here are Susan's:

Here are Sabyl's:

 (Thanks Sue C for the additional pictures).

This was a fun exercise and a good way to loosen up and also a good way to dive right in and get creative.

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