Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Denver Modernism Show and some good eats

It was a busy weekend at the Denver Modernism Show. Susan and I shared a booth.  I made these cool suitcase tables. These two have the original interiors and are super nice.

This one I decided to have some fun with as it was not in the best condition. I took out the interior liner and spray painted the interior red. I used blue painters tape to create a pattern. Here it is before I removed the tape.
 And here it is afterwards, I love it.  I have another black suitcase that will probably get a similar treatment.

Also for the Mod show, I did some silkscreen prints on wood veneer. I cut stencils out of Mylar which were then taped to the silkscreen frame.  I am not a silkscreen expert so am going to leave the "how to" to people with more experience, but the results were good!

I hope you had a good weekend! I rewarded myself by making an Apple Crisp yesterday. Here is a picture before the topping.

 I downloaded the food network recipe app onto my phone yesterday.  I made the Neely's Apple Crisp (delicious), which I made in a 8" x 8" pan instead of ramekins. I used Robert Irvine's Thai Spicy Shrimp recipe, but just did it as a stir fry (with way less oil).  It is basically red onion, grape tomatoes, garlic, Thai chili paste, and shrimp. We ate the whole thing.  It was so good and I had leftover ingredients (except shrimp) that I put them all in my scrambled eggs this morning. I tried to make fried polenta cakes, using pre-cooked polenta that I added marscapone to, but they wouldn't hold together so we just had creamy polenta.  I am a bit of a "fly by the seat of my pants" cook. I sometimes don't use a recipe and just throw stuff together.  I want it to be easy, 10 ingredients or less, and preferably with minimal slicing and chopping. Slicing five apples was about the the limit of my slicing endurance, but I am a "sweet" fanatic so the benefits outweigh the work involved.  On the other hand, my husband is a serious cook.  He likes a challenge, prefers elaborate recipes, and finds chopping meditative.  It's nice to have dinner worthy of a fine dining restaurant without leaving the house and not doing the work. His meals are awesome. On Saturday we had veal cutlets, Bearnaise sauce with crab meat, asparagus, and a sausage risotto. Maybe he should cook all the meals?  Too bad I already plan to make Ina's eggplant gratin for dinner (slicing some eggplant shouldn't be too challenging and it has exactly nine ingredients).


  1. Hi Ginger- I love your suitcase tables!

  2. Thanks Laurie! I should make one that is kitchen table height and put all my art supplies in it for a mobile studio!(The legs screw on and off, so it would be easy to carry around).