Monday, June 22, 2015

More Gelli printing - background papers

I had a booth (the weekend before last) at the Summer Art Market at the Art Students League of Denver. It was a great show, a wonderful time seeing my friends, and I left feeling really motivated.  I sold a lot of my cow gelli prints, and since I will have a booth at Art in the Park in Kearney, NE on July 12th,  I thought I would make some more. Who doesn't like cows, right?

I was also inspired to get the 12" x 14" gelli plate. I used it briefly yesterday on some background papers, which were 11" x 11" and therefore too big for my 8" x 10" plate, and I love this big plate. My 11" x 11" papers were from a player piano, so they have interesting holes in them. They also have the words to the song printed on them so you can sing along while the piano played (like old-time karaoke).  I tried to use transparent paints so the words would still show, but the paint still hid most of them.

I also did some prints on 9 x 12 paper and also on deli paper. I used my big plate since it was out (and dirty). These will be the backgrounds for my cow prints.

I plan to make some bigger cow prints with my new big plate, but need to cut bigger stencils. My original cow detail stencil for my 8" x 10" plate is worse-for-wear since it was just made with cardstock and contact paper. I cut a new cow detail stencil out of Graphix Mylar (.005 thickness) for my 8"x 10" plate. I want to test it out before investing the time in cutting a bigger one for the bigger plate.

I also worked on moving things around in the studio to make room for my "drying rack". This is an old brochure display from a travel agency which I picked up at a "yard sale" (though it was in the business building) for either 5 or 10 dollars last summer. It worked great. It is way better than throwing them on the floor and hoping they don't stick together, or that I would forget and walk on them. 

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  1. You have been busy and in your element. Like the drying rack too. Can't wait to see you. I did reserve room at Kernersville Senior Center for Thursday afternoon. If not everyone can come.....we can spread out at home.