Monday, September 9, 2013

Red tree collage finished

Last week, I posted a collage I was working on of red trees, that post is here.

This is about where it was when I left off on that last post.I have all the basic shapes but needed to add details.

I did a wash of paint on the blue areas and the green areas to make them more uniform in color. I painted in blue "holes" in the trees to show the sky peeking through the branches. I did do some stamping of mesh in blue in the sky areas and used a spring whisk to stamp spirals in the red trees.

I stamped a floral stamp in the sky areas and added branches to my trees. I also added shadows of the tree trunks on the ground.
Not the best picture, the battery in my good camera was dead. I entered this in a show and will know later in the week if it got in.

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