Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Aspens felted landscape

I am working on a felted piece of Aspen trees. I did three layers of white wool as my base, then did one layer of blue for the sky, skipping places I knew would be completely covered by yellow. I roughly laid in my yellow leaves with two colors of yellow wool. I then added some orange accents, as well as some nylon fibers, some sequins on gold thread, and some other shiny bits.

I then cut leaves out of my yellow wools, as well as some bamboo and tencel fibers. The tencel takes a while to felt into the wool, but it will eventually.

I then added some brown as shadows on the tree trunks and started adding branches in black.

At this stage I like to take a picture and print it in black and white. This lets me see if the image feels balanced without the color distracting me. 

I then will take a black pencil and draw in additional branches and any changes I want to make and go back to my felt and finalize the design.

Here is it is prior to felting.

After felting:  (It was overcast today and the color looks washed out). It is about 24" x 36".
 Detail. I did machine stitching around the branches and on the shaded side of the trees.
Detail. You can see some of the glittery ribbon and tulle I used as well as the wool.

I am undecided about adding any additional yellow highlights to the leaves or whether I will free-motion stitch some leaf shapes in the yellow part.  Right now I like it as it is.

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