Friday, September 11, 2015

Crane gelli prints

I am still working on a series based on Sandhill cranes, using gelli prints.  Since I have been needing a lot of detailed stencils recently, I bought a ScanNCut. I have really enjoyed using it to cut my stencils, but it definitely required some patience figuring some things out, as there is not much in the way of instructions that come with it. I definitely watched a lot of YouTube videos before I even took it out of the box.

I must say that I love my new crane stencil and it has way more detail than I could have gotten by cutting by hand.

The other nice thing about the ScanNCut, is that it saves the file and I can re-size it. All these prints were done on the 8"x 10" gelli plate, but I also had the ScanNCut cut a bigger stencil to use on the 12" x 14" gelli plate.

I worked on a deer stencil too, that I am looking forward to testing out.  I had made one a few days ago, but it just didn't look quite right, so I cut new version.  If I had cut the first one by hand, I would have been much more disappointed that it wasn't good enough.  Having the ScanNCut made it easy to revise my sketch and have it cut a new one.  It's so nice how much easier it is to have the ScanNCut cut it, instead of dreading hand-cutting it myself.

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  1. Glad you like your new machine for die cutting. Sounds like you will be able to do a lot more now that you are learning the process. I like that it is able to resize. That would make it easy to do notecards which might sell better at the wildlife refuge. I am sure the bigger ones more cost effective with your time...but a 5 x 7 size could be framed. Do you participate in Fine Art America? They are now using artwork to do pillows and shower curtains, etc. You might see about that. Some people also like owls.