Sunday, March 22, 2015

Collaged mirror with gelli prints

I bought this starburst mirror at the thrift store for $8 and decided to collage it with gelli prints. I knew I wanted it to be in the basement entryway, which we recently painted blue. Also, I plan to have some orange accents in the basement. I made a bunch of blue and red/orange gelli prints specifically for this project.

Here are my gelli prints cut out. I am alternating blue and orange pieces.

In progress. I painted the starburst gold before adding the gelli prints.


 Here is a shot of the completed mirror (I took this picture at night, so the lighting is a little off).

 Here it is  hanging in the entryway.

 (I photoshopped myself out of the mirror reflection. I hadn't dressed up for a selfie).


  1. Looks great on the wall hanging. I would not have thought to do that. Did you put any kind of finish coat on the gelli print after you were all done to protect it? Like the colors you useed.

    1. I glued the papers down with matte gel medium and put a layer on top as well. I am thinking about adding a coat of glossy medium to give it some shine.