Thursday, March 19, 2015

Basement Entry renovation

We finally have the basement entryway done.

Here are some before shots of the basement entryway. This is one end. This wall had pressboard paneling and we had it replaced with drywall. We replaced the laminate floor with Alterna tile flooring. We repainted the ceiling and walls and changed out the light fixture.

This wall was unfinished previously. We moved the door to the bedroom here.

Here the new entry has been framed out for the door. The door used to be to the right and set back from the hall (where you see purple on the right side).

There was a small kitchenette at the other end, with a hallway between the two areas.  The sink was not hooked up anymore, and this seemed like wasted space to us. We decided to have this be a part of the adjacent room (which is my art room, but could be used as a bedroom). This increased the size of my art room dramatically. The wall on the left was removed and the hallway will end where the wall on the right is.

Original kitchenette (bathroom beyond).

View from adjacent room. You can see the kitchenette area (was on left) is now part of this room (picture taken from roughly same place as photo above).

The bathroom door is at the end of the hall on the right, and art room door is on the left.

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