Monday, February 16, 2015

Experiments in wet felting

I am taking a 6 week online felting course with Fiona Duthie.  I am almost caught up for the week 1 samples.

Each time I finished a sample, I thought of a similar, but different, one that I wanted to try.  But I am getting very behind already and we are only in week 2.

Here are my week one experiments.

Silk on merino.

The yellow and blue are silk (noil?) on green merino.  I hate the green and the silk looks pretty sad, so plan on over-dyeing this.

Alpaca on merino. My alpaca has a bit of vegetation in it, which drives me crazy.

The alpaca has an interesting feel to it and a soft halo.

Merino on Jacob.

 Merino on Corriedale

Nuno felting silk fabrics

Pleated silks on merino.

I better get working on week 2!


  1. I've been seriously considering taking an on-line class from Fiona Duthie. Your samples look great!!

  2. I am taking the surface design class. I have been very impressed with the amount of material she has provided for weeks 1 and 2. I definitely think it is worth the price, especially since up to now I am self-taught on felting.

    1. Looks like another class will be offered in September which I'm going to register for.

  3. I will be posting more samples as the class progresses. I really like the current one (laying half-felted on my work table).

  4. I like these experiments. I even liked the green one. Looking forward to Part 2. What is merino?

    1. Merino is a type of wool. It has very fine (thin) and felts more easily than a lot of other wools.