Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mixed media canvas with artificial flowers

The other day I was cruising YouTube and saw this awesome video by Donna Downey using fake flowers and paint, etc. Here is the link to her You Tube video.

I thought this was a fun project and easily done in 10 minute sections of time over a few days, since there is drying time involved.

I am painting over this painting/collage on canvas, as I never liked it much. You can see I started putting some modeling paste for texture over it.

I cut four artificial flowers off their stems. Sometimes they fall apart into individual pieces/layers when I do this, so it's good to put a dab of glue between the layers to hold it together. It looks like Donna used flowers meant for scrapbooking so she didn't seem to have this issue. I used  Beacon's 3n1 glue to glue the flowers down. I added some texture paste, and let it dry.

 A day later, I covered it all with gesso.

And let it dry.

Donna smeared on acrylic paints at this stage, but I just sprayed mine with glimmer mist type sprays. And let it dry.

I came back in with some more gesso and a touch more spray. 

While the gesso was wet, I sprinkled some UTEE (clear embossing powder) over top, and heated it with a heat gun.

I thought this was awesome and easy!  I wish I got a bit more gunky and heavy with gels to add more texture and make the flowers look more artsy, and I may skip the last layer of gesso and embossing powder if I try this again.

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