Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Treasures from my recent trip

From a gift shop at the Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque. Cute nichos. I am going to take apart the one on the left to make three separate ones.

I found nothing exciting in Arizona, and I looked hard. Since we only went to the Grand Canyon, there weren't a lot of shopping options.

From Black Sheep in Encinitas, CA, lovely hand-dyed wool roving. I thought it looked like a sunset. I typically don't buy a lot of hand dyed roving since it's expensive and I can dye my own, but on vacation I tend to splurge a little.

Then I went to the Mother of all Flea Markets, the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena, CA. This place was huge. We were there two hours, in order to cover more ground I didn't poke around in every booth (my usual flea market style) and I still think we only saw a quarter of it. It wasn't cheap but it had some awesome things.Go early, by 11am the line of cars waiting to park went on forever.

I have no idea why I love this tabletop pinball game, but I do. It makes me happy. It has two long nuts/bolts at the top so it will sit at an angle on a table and allow the game to be played, but I am going to take the bolts off and just hang it on the wall as art. I offered 33% less than the asking price and they didn't even haggle with me and took my offer.

Red zigzag scarf (they said it was silk), green patterned silk scarf, white and black lace, $2 each. Hand embroidered curtain (maybe 30"x30") with flowers and birds, $3.

 This little speedometer was the first thing I bought at the flea market, I thought it would be good in an assemblage. The wood block was marked $9 but he sold it to me for $7 and I didn't even ask for a lower price.  This block would be $15 to $20 in Denver.  I will be trying it out in the next few days.

We stopped at the store Art Heaven, in Grand Junction, CO on the way home. I bought some Transparent Setacolor paints since no stores in Denver carry it and I always have to order it online. I also bought some light Lutradur (not pictured) and some belt buckles. I want to make some felted belts. Art Heaven has a 10% discount for out of town visitors (yay!). Also pictured, but bought elsewhere, Jacquard silk salt (from Black Sheep, Encinitas) and gold aluminum foil (used to make a decorative swan for my leftovers at a California restaurant- my food was first wrapped in regular foil, so this foil was clean, but smells a bit like chocolate cake!)

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