Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spray paint canvas

I have a rather large tub of spray paints and really don't want to deal with them when we move in the summer, so I thought I'd spray paint some fabric for backgrounds.

Here is my box of paints. I bought a new respirator (top left) for another stinky project and figured I'd use it while spray painting. It worked great, I couldn't smell a thing.

I washed and ironed my fabric before painting.  Wrinkles can wreak havoc when using spray products.

After doing some base painting, I added patterns with stencils, a plastic doily, a sink mat, etc.  I would spray through it, then flip the stencil over and smoosh it onto the fabric in a different spot.

Here is my finished fabric. It looks too 80's to me, but I plan to add some more "something" to it. Since these are enamel paints (or whatever they are) I can't really use acrylics with it. I am thinking of collaging some gelli printed deli paper on it, or maybe add patterns with Shiva paintsticks.



I also did a golden yellow fabric, but it looked like dog meat so I am not bothering to post pictures. I only used up three cans of paint, so I need to think up some other spray paint projects!

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