Friday, July 1, 2016

Denver Museum Art Exhibits

While I was in Denver a few weeks ago, I went to this Women of Abstract Expressionism Show at the Denver Art Museum.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few artists I had not heard of.

The show was excellent.

Judith Godwin

Joan Mitchell
Detail - Joan Mitchell

Elaine de Kooning

Detail - Lee Krasner

I also enjoyed other exhibits in the museum, including "Why We Dance - American Indian Art in Motion"

And also the exhibit "Printed and Painted -the Art of Bark Cloth". The patterns were fantastic, especially how they were displayed as contrasting layers.

They also had a piece outside based on the movement of the human body.

And it happened to be one the the Food Truck days at Civic Park across the street.  I had a Shrimp Po' Boy.

A fantastic day in downtown Denver.

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