Monday, April 7, 2014

Mounted fabric collages on canvas

Previously I had made some fabric collages, which you can see on this post. I added some hand stitching, which can be seen here.

I wanted to mount these to canvas to give them a more finished look. Here are some of the finished pieces.

 Here is another detail of my irregular embroidery.

 I added a "bed" of dyed cheesecloth, and stitched some coral on top (from a bead store).

For this one, I had done a back stitch around the coral, then added the gold ribbon, couching it on by hand.  This gold piece isn't cord, it some kind of woven gold tubing, so I put a dab of fray check at the ends.

 Back stitch

I was thinking of adding more to this piece, but my friend Simone likes it "as-is", so I did not add any hand stitching.

It's amazing how the canvas makes the works look more finished and complete.

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